Gift ideas  for Baby shower ,new mom and baby.

  If you are looking for gift ideas and wondering what to give that can be useful for both mom and the baby in the long run, you might find a proper answer after browsing our post. Depending on what expecting moms ,new mom need the most before they give birth ,after birth  has rounded up a list of unique, practical presents. It includes not only gifts for the newborns but also meaningful pieces.

For Baby:

  1. Baby mobile
  2. Baby wash set
  3. Mustard pillow

For Mom:

  1. Maternity corset belt
  2. Nursing pillow
  3. Nursing bra
  4. Breast pads
  5. Diaper bag 

Unique baby shower gifts for saving memories;

    1.Baby handprint and footprint memory frame

    2.Unique Gift Baskets

    3.Baby doll

   4.Milestone blanket


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