Nepali Myths about Newborn care

The birth of baby is an exhilarating time for most parents. Different cultures have different values, beliefs and practice. Moreover, there is so much information out there about parenting and baby care that it can be hard to know what is best. This blog dispels some of the common myths  you may hear or read about new born care and myth buster to help you care for your baby by Meena Kumari Shrestha Malla( Maternal and child health professional)

1. Application of kajal improves eyesight and ward off the evil eye



Applying kajal shouldn't be made a habit, and if possible, it should not be used at all. It can cause eye allergies, corneal ulcers and dry eyes.

2.Applying oil into a baby's ears and navel is good practice


No, it's best not to put oil in the ears or the belly button of your newborn.

Both the belly button and the ear canal are dark, warm areas where bacteria or fungus can thrive and give your baby a local infection. Whatever massage oil you use, it won't be sterile and so there is a risk of giving your baby an infection if you regularly put oil in his ears or belly button.

3.Cow's milk is good substitute when breastmilk is insufficient for new born babies


Children under one year of age should not be fed raw, unmodified, or unpasteurized cow's milk as a replacement for human milk or infant formula.

3.Mothers should avoid eating turmeric when the baby has jaundice


There is no reason for mother to stop eating turmeric or to make any dietary change.  Babies may have physiological jaundice after birth you should continue to breastfeed in regularly at intervals of around 2-3 hours and exposing to morning sunlight.

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