NanuBabu - Our Journey

NanuBabu is an eCommerce firm established to help and enhance the journey of to-be moms and their kids. Pregnancy can be an overwhelming journey, especially for first-time moms. It can be confusing for mothers to pick out products or essential goods for themselves or their baby especially when there are so many options in the market. We at NanuBabu understand the concern of mothers who always aspires to bestow their child with the best quality products. Therefore, to solve this problem we have started this site to provide easy access to quality goods. 

We provide goods that suit from pregnancy to when the baby is 12 years old. We also have the “Hospital Bag Pack” package deal which serves as a boon as it contains all the essential goods for/ after the delivery. It is a handy bag pack as we take care of all the products that are needed during the delivery process for babies and moms as well. We have products ranging from breastfeeding, bathing essentials, diapers, clothing, furniture, baby care products, early development toys, electronic toys, and many more.

Moreover, we also provide door-to-door delivery services all around the country to make online shopping hassle-free and convenient. We at NanuBabu look forward to providing an unparalleled shopping experience through our collaboration with brands such as Huggies, Mamaearth, Dr. Brown, Pigeon, Niine, Ultrex, The Derma Co, Dream Baby, Parakito, Crane Baby, and more.

NanuBabu is not just limited to shopping only. We also focus on providing details about the important details for your child through our blog posts and social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. We intend to provide the details regarding child immunization through our blog post about Vaccine Schedules. We are also very active in providing information to mothers regarding vital topics such as the benefits of breastfeeding for babies and mother. Therefore, we hope to provide a hassle-free service through our products and information to make your motherhood journey even more beautiful and comfortable.